Ciabatta 20x8
Large, ciabatta flavored loaf, great size to use in multiple ways

Item #0610

*Available fully cooked and par baked*

*Sold by the each*
Ciabatta Parbaked
Great to be sliced and used as table bread or create your own sized sandwiches

Item #0944

*Available fully cooked and par baked*

*Sold by the each*
Ciabattina 4x4  Fully Cooked
Plain textured, ciabatta square ideal for any type of sandwich

Item #0615

*Flavors available: plain, wheat, herbs, wheat with oats, rosemary & plain par baked*

Ciabattina 5x5 Under baked
Perfect size to cut in half and create a grab and go sandwich

Item #0646

*Flavors available: wheat, wholegrain, plain & plain par baked*

Ciabattina Pan 3x5 Wholegrain
Perfectly shaped ciabattina made in a pan with a mixture of grains on top

Item #2712

*Flavors available: herbs, herb & tomato, plain & wholegrain*

Ciabattina 3x7 Fully Cooked
Strong crust, soft inside & plain ciabatta dough

Item #0607

*Flavors available: plain, wheat, rosemary & plain under baked*

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