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About our bakery

We are not only about bread.
We are about service, quality, consistency, and partnership with our clients, suppliers and employees.


Bread Los Angeles was created in 1991 on 3rd Street Promenade. To follow the company's growth, the bakery moved to the West Adams District in 1993. In 2004, Manova Partners took over Bread Los Angeles. Since 2008, the bakery has moved to a larger facility in Montebello allowing us to deal with the increasing number of clients requesting our products and services.

Our business model

Our company bakes and delivers fresh high-end quality bread daily to its clients located within 100 miles radius of its 20,000 square foot facility in Montebello. The factory operates 7 days a week. It has an excellent reputation within the business community with respect to its friendly customer service and product quality.


Our company is constantly searching for ways to enhance its client's businesses through creation of new products and/or services specially adapted to the customers’ needs and requests.

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